Our Voices

Darnisha B.


Cerebral Palsy: How it Affects Me and How I Educate Others About It

Jessica C.


My Passion for Skiing

Helenka F.


Effective Leadership in a Disability Community

Maura K.


Family Challenges and Self Advocacy

Overcoming Challenges

Joe O.


My Experiences with Autism, Personally and Professionally

Jason S.


Imagining the Dream

My Road to Confidence and Determination

George C.


Listening to Nature

Creative Self-Expression though Music Composition

Bird Sounds and Bird Watching in Parks

Kate E.

A Home of My Own

Elizabeth F.


Reading to Children: Pizza Planet

Krista L.


"My Journey"


Sara P.


A Chat with an Author

Mark S.


Educating Local Audiences about Disability Topics: Taking Your Presentation on the Road

Amary C.


The Life of Willie O'Ree

Julia F.


My Creative Writing Journey

Nayna H.


A Cultural Travel to India

Heather M.


My Passion for Art, Music, and Spanish

Alicia R.


22quties Special Needs Beauty Pageant

Alicia's Artistic Abilities

Kara T.


Autism, Accessibility, and Daily Challenges

Sunset silhouette of some community members